Friday, June 15, 2012

Chasing Sand

It seems the hourglass of life has allowed the sand to slip through my hands once more. Almost a year exactly has past since I attempted to write on here. My crisis of self has rollercostered it’s way to new heights and depths I can’t possible explain. At this moment, I won’t even try. I will say that I am focusing on it, as much as my mind will allow.
During the process of “focusing,” I made a resolution to make this the most romantic year of my life. This went well for about a month and a half. Not that romance stopped completely, it’s just all the effort won’t make it as real as passion will. Still, I have learned a lot and since passion ebbs and flows, this year may be everything I hoped it would be in the end.
Now, I am making a commitment to spend some time in blogging. Writing is one of the few ways I organize and contain my thoughts. Since this will be one the first summers I will not work since I was a teenager, I am eager to begin this project. Over the past year I have collected many of my journaling ventures to transform into blog posts. From romantic ideas to some of my self searching madness, I have plenty to share.
Its time to put the hourglass on slow motion; maybe even rewind, I want to let you back into my world…

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