Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Childhood Inspirations

 April is the month I choose to focus on ladies from both the past and present that have or currently inspire me in someway. I am purposefully choosing to only speak on those aspects of each woman.

There are so many women who have truly changed the outcome of my being, my whole self. However, I am sure that is the case of all adult women.

The first, and probably most important will always be my mother. There is no greater female influence in a girl's life. My life is no exception. My mother has taught me so many things that make me who I am. I have written about her many times for this reason. Through perseverance she defies odds daily. Through creativity she feeds when there is little, makes beauty out of rags, and blessings out of emptiness.

Second is Mrs. W. A wonderful, godly neighbor that my family was blessed with where I grew up. She brought me to church, took time to mentor and teach me, and truly cared about me. To me she is something like an adopted grandmother.

Third I have Mrs. G, a teacher in middle school who pulled me out of my math hating rut. She took the extra time to help me understand and change my outlook on my abilities. I am to this day now fairly capable in math. I think a good teacher changes everything.

Last but by far least is Pastor D. One of my life's few spiritual guides. She taught me how to truly love others by loving me. I miss talking to her.

I have many other ladies who inspire and change me on a daily basis even today. Due to the fact I don't have permission to use their names, I will use their initials like I did for the ladies above. I just want to shout out a little thanks to each of them.

C, You are like no other teacher I know. No one has a heart quite like yours. You are a blessing to everyone you meet. Your energy is amazing. You are a dear friend and a great woman!

Mrs. T, you have no idea what you encourage in my on a daily basis. The patience and skill in a classroom are my goals for a future classroom. You may not realize how much of a mentor and friend you have become to me.

C, its a quiet admiration from afar that I have for you.We are not close, but I often wish we were. You are so joyful and fun. You are stylish a chic. You are my ideal of a beautiful woman, inside and out.

 Well, that is all the time we have for April. Next month is a new month with a new theme. I cant honestly remember how many different themes Ive offered up to you guys, but I think I'm leaning toward 30 Days to a Refreshed You. I say this because I am in need. We will see what tomorrow holds!

Speaking of tomorrow, my giveaway ends tomorrow evening. If you haven't yet entered my Spring Break Giveaway, get to it! Its so easy to do, why not?

Monday, April 28, 2014

All Good Things

Must Come to an End...

And so it goes with this school year's bento lunches. My sons' semester at "baby school" had its final classes today. Next school year my eldest will be taking the big step into a real preschool. I'm both excited and sad about this. He is growing up way to fast and to me he will always be my baby. All this is beside the point! I do have two fun little bento lunches to share.

I wanted to do something special for their final hurrah!

For my ninja- a fully loaded, with chopsticks, stealth packed lunch. Including ninja star gummies and a candy ninja!

 For my mini picky minion- Peanut butter pop tart minion with "banana" gummies and candies. A few little lunch meat test tubes finish off the meal!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Inspirational Imaginary Women

April is the month I choose to focus on ladies from both the past and present that have or currently inspire me in someway. I am purposefully choosing to only speak on those aspects of each woman.

As you can tell, I'm home!  My spring break was nice, not nearly as relaxing as I ever wish. I hope you didn't miss me too much. Today I have something a little different for my inspirational women. There are two imaginary women who are of great inspiration to me. I wasn't sure where or even if I should include them, but here they are!

Ms. Frizzle

Truly one of my biggest role models for being an educator. She is everything I want to be as a teacher, quirky, fun, brilliant, and adored. Beyond that, her abilty to educate children in "magical". She knows how to capture the minds, creativity, and hearts of her students. She brings education to life. What teacher does not want to do this?! Her words will always be engraved in my mind.

If I could be one woman, it would be her. I can say that with confidence.

Mary Poppins

Need I explain her miracle working powers? Her ability to stay calm and collected is amazing. The fact she can make children rise up to any occasion, priceless. Not to mention her fabulous bag full or tricks. She made being a nanny (dare I say it) Even better that she was played by Julie Andrews, an amazing woman in her own right.

Plus, she is "practically perfect in every way," and who wouldn't want to be that?!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Break Giveaway

This upcoming week is my spring break and I am sooooo excited!

Since I'll be out of town, I cant do any posts. So, I figured no better time for a giveaway! This will be an easy enter giveaway!

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That is it. Simple.

Here's what you will get:
Above is my "Spring Break" reading selection. I'm taking a copy of it along with me and I am looking forward to reading it. The second item is a cute little grass planter. Two fun little things to celebrate the much needed break!
 This ends May 1st 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rachel Joy Scott

April is the month I choose to focus on ladies from both the past and present that have or currently inspire me in someway. I am purposefully choosing to only speak on those aspects of each woman.

Rachel Joy Scott

 I can still remember the days after this event. The first child to lose her life in the Columbine High School shootings in 1999, Rachel has been an inspiration to many since. Her moral character and refusal to turn on her beliefs were honorable and courageous.Her life is also the inspiration for Rachel's Challenge a " a nationwide school outreach program for the prevention of teen violence, based on her life and writings." [source] Her writings ranged from journals to prayers and everything in between. In fact, her writings have been compared to another amazing woman I noted, Anne Frank.  She was also "posthumously awarded the 2001 National Kindness Award for Student of the Year by the Acts of Kindness Association". [source]

I have always found martyrs to be inspiring, but her story is especially close to my heart. Being a young teen at the time with a similar story, it was like loosing a friend. Her precious life and its swift ending came as a reminder that there is no promise of tomorrow. We should live like today may be my last.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Michelle Duggar

April is the month I choose to focus on ladies from both the past and present that have or currently inspire me in someway. I am purposefully choosing to only speak on those aspects of each woman.

 Are you kidding me? How does she do it?! By the end of the day with my two young boys I think I may die. The nights my husband and I have to get up with my youngest drain us completely.

This woman manages to care, love, and flourish with her big, beautiful family. Beyond that, she home-schools. If you know my history I was homeschooled/unschooled through half of middle-school and all of high-school. It takes an incredible about of effort to get work together, grade, and provide enriching experiences. Now times that by a lot, say 19. She has got my respect for sure.

Another aspect in which I respect her is her faith. Considering both the hard and wonderful times, her and her family still cling to their faith in Christ. They make sure that everyone is aware of how important that is to every corner of their life.

All of her children seem to be well rounded and happy. This, again, amazes me. Her relationship with her husband is real and honest. No matter what others think, they must be doing something right! Relationships say a lot about people.

Among her other lists of respectable, inspiring traits you have confidence, modesty, and plenty of patience. I say, "Amen Sister!"

Monday, April 14, 2014

Some bunny Loves You!

Today my boys had Easter themed bentos. My oldest must have liked it, because he came home talking about it!

Inside the eggs are things like marshmallows, spring gummies, and raisins.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mary, The Mother of Jesus

April is the month I choose to focus on ladies from both the past and present that have or currently inspire me in someway. I am purposefully choosing to only speak on those aspects of each woman.

Mary, The Mother of Jesus

I won't lie, I'm a little bit intimated by Mary. I've thought about it so many times and I just can't make myself believe that I could have, would ever, or have ever been anywhere closer to her point of perfection.

I can only imagine God's selection process for that job!

There had to be an amazing amount of strength, purity, and straight out faith in her life. There is nothing I can come up with that would be quite as nerve racking and scary as revealing an unplanned and unexplainable pregnancy in a time where that meant death. I can't imagine the strength it took to continue to live each day and know you are being thought of as all kinds of "un-pure" things.I can't imagine the strength it takes to raise a child you know is GOD! Going along with all this is faith. Having the faith in the knowledge of the gift she was given and future ahead, is mind blowing. When most people struggle to hold onto a "mustard seed" of faith, she surely had mountains of it.

The purity of Mary's heart is probably the most notable reason for her selection as Jesus' mother. I can't manage to make it an hour before I've lost my temper, thought grumpy thoughts, or did something I know just wasn't up to par. Although there is no perfect person, there must have been something pretty amazing about her.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres

April is the month I choose to focus on ladies from both the past and present that have or currently inspire me in someway. I am purposefully choosing to only speak on those aspects of each woman.

 Ellen DeGeneres
 You know, this is a woman who constantly impresses me. She has confidence like no one else, she is not selfish in the least, and she does her share to make the world a better place.

Over the past few years I've watched numerous episodes of her show while at my in-laws. She is so giving. I'm not just talking giveaways and prizes. I'm talking about changing peoples lives! House, jobs, college educations, you name it, she's made a way for someone to get it. She is basically the "fairy god mother" to so many people who's world she has changed.

Although it is half joking, my family often daydream of having her be our "fairy god mother". Amazingly, with all this incredible things behind her, she really seems to stay humble. Its not like I see a lot of news of her bragging about all the good she does. (While I feel she deserves so much more credit than she receives.)

Beyond all that, her confidence is mind blowing. She is completely comfortable in her skin and it shows. She is naturally a lovely woman and she doesn't ruin it with vanity or egotism. I know she has a fun gag of putting her name on everything, but this just shows how she can see humor in all aspects of life.

Humor is another big part of what makes her so inspiring. Laughter is one of God's great medicines. It keeps you from being too stressed, too distracted, or too depressed to see the wonderful world around you. 

I really wish more people in the public eye would take a cue from Ellen. Be awesome, pass it on, and live well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Anne Frank

April is the month I choose to focus on ladies from both the past and present that have or currently inspire me in someway. I am purposefully choosing to only speak on those aspects of each woman.

Anne Frank

Young as she was, will always be remembered for her courage and perseverance. She spent two years hiding and during this time she expressed herself through writing. I've always been a firm believer in using writing as a coping, strengthening, and therapeutic tool. In fact, that is the exact reason I began this blog.

I was also young when I started writing. Unlike Anne Frank however, I had nowhere near the hardships she faced. She kept an amazing amount of positivity amongst the most horrible circumstances.

It is a very sad to consider how her life was taken long before her time. I sometimes think about the amazing things she would have done. She would have surely helped change the world. Yet, in death she still touches lives daily.

If you would like to learn more about Anne Frank, you can read her dairy or check out this website I found.

Find it Here

Monday, April 7, 2014

Better Than Nothing Bento

Since my whole family has been sick (especially me), I really had no desire to make anything. However, I couldn't let another week go by. I pulled together this cute little Spring Bento for my boys. I have so many cute ideas to do next week before Easter. So be on the look out!

Mindy Kaling

As I mentioned a while back, April is the month I choose to focus on ladies from both the past and present that have or currently inspire me in someway. I am purposefully choosing to only speak on those aspects of each woman.

Mindy Kaling

I think in her honor I should have named this post "Why Most People Suck at Life and She Doesn't". It would be so fitting and in my opinion, so like her feisty humor.

Smart, funny, GORGEOUS, confident, and straight out awesome... she truly is everything I dream of being. I read her book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" and it made me adore her. Although the books intended audience is young adults/teens, I truly got a great glimpse into her personality.
Find it Here!

One of the parts of the book that will forever stay with me is a story she told about going to a photo-shoot f(that she was invited to) for a magazine cover. When she arrived, they had tons of lovely dresses waiting for their "cover girl". However, they did not think that through because the one that fit her was a disaster and she certainly wasn't having that! She made them cut one of the designer dresses up the back and rig it up. Not only did she look gorgeous, she stood up for herself.

I give her an A+ in my opinion! She rocks what she wants to, and lets her natural beauty speak for itself. For everything else she sprinkles in a dash of humor and keeps on moving. Her confidence is amazing.

So, who inspires you? Please take a moment to share a woman who inspires you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hello April, How Are You?

So happy it is finally April. I started working on planting my patio garden. The weather is finally warmer. Spring break is on its way. Im just really pleased its Spring. If you know me well enough, this is unusual. I typically like fall and winter and avoid all forms of warm weather, but I can't stay cooped up any longer.

Anyway, the month of April brings a few new things on here as well. We are starting a new theme. This month I will be doing a series on Amazing Women. There are so many fantastic ladies in both the past and present that inspire me.

I will take a few posts to focus on one of these women each. I hope to highlight the traits that beckon me to grow as a person.

Although no one person is perfect, I believe that each person has qualities we can learn from. During this month, I will not focus on the areas in which I disagree with each woman, but only those traits I mentioned earlier.

I look forward to sharing all this with you. I also look forward to hearing your feedback and comments. Please feel free to share the women that inspire you. Whether living or gone, I want to know!

Oh, I almost forgot. I hit over 100 likes on my Facebook fan page, so I will be announcing another giveaway this month!