Friday, March 1, 2013

Day One: Life, Lunch, and Fashion

I'm back in action! You know its going to be an interesting day when it starts with a breakfast of Oreos and diet Dr. Pepper! I have been MIA for far too long and it is about time I get back to my intentions. You can learn a lot about a woman by how she dresses everyday. From her career to her style, clothing is window into someones personality. You can also learn a lot about someone by what they eat for lunch!

With this in mind, I'm introducing my new series "Life, Lunch, and Fashion." For one month you will follow me on my daily wardrobe journey and my work week lunch selections. As the title reveals, you will learn a little bit about my life in general as well!

Happy Dr. Seuss day! It was requested by the school I work at that we wear red today, so I obliged. This morning I wished I had a more fun collection of red clothing, but this was all I could do with the available choices.  

Red 3/4 sleeve knit blouse with leather and sequins around the sleeves and on the neckline. Basic black pants and shiny black flats. Finished off with a side bun and small diamond and ruby hoops. 
Thanks to my wonderful mother my lunch also fit today's holiday. Fridays are always bento box lunch days. My kids go to "baby school" that day, so I usually just pack a fun lunch for my self as well.

Cat in the Hat bologna and cheese sandwich with a banana and strawberry hat. Sides include colored Goldfish, raspberries, and juju fish.
It was a wonderful lunch and for the most part pretty healthy too. This lunch was partially inspired by a pin on Pinterest. Check it out here: 14 Dr. Seuss ideas  

I am so very glad that it is the weekend! After a long week of work and little sleep (two sick munchkins can do that to you), I'm ready for some slower paced days. Since I decided to revamp my blog Ive been working on cataloging my wardrobe so it will be easier to plan clothing in advance. I dont want to have a one of those "Just throw it on" days. Although, I'm sure that is in my near future! I'm also working extra hard on my brand new job! I'm so excited to announce that I am now apart of the Growing Up in the Valley family. Check out this great new family magazine for the Roanoke Valley here: Growing Up in the Valley

Until next time, remember the story of Yertle the Turtle!

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