Getting to Know Me

 It occurred to me recently that you have never been properly introduced to me! I think it is about time you get to know me.

My Past

I am a child of the 80's. My family moved to Virginia when I was young and I've been here since (give or take a few years). I have one brother who is about two years younger than I am and one sister who is about ten years younger.
Kailee and I
Roger, Kailee, and I

My childhood was pretty normal. We were by no means rich, but I was always well cared for. Being the oldest, I have always been independent and overly mature for my age. I was saved at a very young age and soon after called by God into missions. As a young teenager I began teaching in my church and traveling abroad doing short term missions. I left public schools in middle-school and taught myself through high-school.

My first true "date" occurred while I was in college. I received my first kiss when I got engaged. Both of those things from and to the same man; call me old fashioned. I graduated cum laude from Southwestern Christian University. However, my strong moral convictions didn't completely keep me out of trouble. Early during my college days, my rebellious period lead me into a emotionally, sexually, and physically abusive relationship. Andrew was my Knight in shining armor who rescued me out of it. A quick romance followed and we knew that we were the only ones for each other. He respected my boundaries, dealt with my scars, and treated me like a princess.

In January 2010 I married my prince and by the end of the year we were an official family. My son Benjamin was born December 2010.

Since marriage we have had a bumpy road to travel. We've had job losses, moves, and children, health issues, and money struggles. In 2011 we got pregnant again. Being only a few weeks before the Christmas season, we were very excited. At our first doctors appointment we got the news no parent wants to hear. "Squash" had no heart beat. The loss of the child is a difficult and painful event. Whether before birth or after, the pain is very real. I began getting counseling for the loss and my past. I suffered from minor depression and very low self esteem. In 2012 we finally got some good news. My little man Henry was born November 2012.

 My Present

Now we are a family of four trying to make the best of a challenging situation. I currently work two jobs; one as an instructional assistant and the other as a writer for a local family magazine. We are currently making the best out of apartment life, dreaming of the day we can purchase our own home. We stay active and busy and we feel like life is always an adventure!

My side of the family's Christmas photo. 

I enjoy getting to know myself through writing and sharing my world with others in my blog. I also enjoy playing on Pinterest, spending time with my family, and shopping. I have grown a passion for fashion and provoking self worth and self esteem in the lives of all women. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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