Saturday, February 14, 2015

Goals & Rewards

If you have been following me on here or Facebook, you are aware of my major life changes. In fact, I thrive on finding and working toward these goals. I am a major perfectionist with a tendency to obsess, so it comes naturally to me. However, this drive cannot last forever, so I am starting to create rewards to go with these goals. I see nothing wrong getting rewarded for goals accomplished.

Recently I have put most of my focus into my health. Losing weight and training for the Color Run have been main goals for several months now. I figured it would be a good time to share those goals and my plans for rewards. It is also a good time to explore some new goals with you and get ideas on the rewards that best fit them. So please share your thoughts and ideas. I really want to know!

If you can not read it, here is a basic run down:
100lbs lost- tattoo
15 min jog- running shoes
5 min outdoor jog- mani-pedi
Hit 175- new sandals
Goal weight- Spa Day
Jog 10 mins outdoors- shoes
jog 15 mins outdoors- getaway
Jog 3 miles- Tory Burch Bag
Jog 3 miles outdoors- Earrings
Keep weight off 6 months- Sleep Number bed

I don't really see these as unfair rewards or unrealistic goals. I only hope I can afford my reward at the time!

Anyway, now I am starting to write a new list of goals. More "life" goals that are about more than health. I recently decided to pursue my education further. I have found a love for inspiring others and helping them to reach their goals. Considering this, I plan on becoming a life coach/ counselor. I was laughing with a friend the other day when I said "I want a job where I get to make people feel awesome! What can I do?" This field is what I found.

I figured it is now time to create goals for my education and career. However I am not really sure where to start, because I feel like the rewards and goals are so very different from the ones above. This is where my readers come in. Help me create them! Here is what I know has to be on that list so far:

  • Graduate with Masters
  • Graduate with Doctorate
Any other good ideas?

Where else in my life should I focus? I love to work on these kinds of projects!

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