Wednesday, February 12, 2014

100 Happy Days

I recently saw this cute little challenge on Facebook that said 71% of people fail it. At this point my curiosity was spiked and I was determined to break the odds! So, I checked it out. Basically, they are asking you to be happy for 100 days straight. They don't really mean you have to be happy for the whole 24 hours each day, they just want you to find something to be happy about everyday. To prove it, they ask you to share a photo of the thing that made you happy that day. I decided I was up for the challenge! I have taken one photo a day and shared it via my social media. I plan to share it with you all as well.

I decided to keep mine a simple black and white so they stood out amongst my other photos!

If you think you might want to be a part of this challenge too, you can sign up for it over at 100happydays. I'd also love to be kept in the loop so please feel free to tag @dolcedellavita on Twitter or Instagram. You can also share it with my here or on my Facebook page!  Lets do this!

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