Monday, February 17, 2014

More to Mondays

There is going to be a little more excitement to Mondays from now on! My children both go to preschool for one day a week on Mondays. So, that means bento lunches are back! If you don't remember, go back to my Life, Lunch, and Fashion series where several of our bento lunches are featured. However, this time I want you to come along for the challenge. Let's make Mondays less of a drudgery. Let's make it the day we look forward to! Making bento lunches is just one way I give everyone in my family something to look forward to about starting a new week. I challenge you to find a way to make Mondays more exciting for your family. Perhaps you might want to join the bento craze! However you choose to do it, I want to know! Keep your eyes peeled for my bento creations and I will be looking forward to hearing what your doing to put "More to Mondays"!

Below are the creations I sent with my family today. I themed my boys to their personality, while I stuck with a Valentine's day theme for the hubs and I.

The Hubs' lunch- spicy love!

My Lunch!
Also, remember to be checking out DolceDellaVita on Instagram to see my 100 Happy Days challenge photos!

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