Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 Unique Gift Guide

Every year I always search for awesome and unique gifts to give to family and friends. I love the process of picking just the right one. Below I have included two of my favorite for each category:  woman, men, and children. I hope they give you some ideas too!


I wont lie, my theme for the ladies this year is "bling". I am going through a phase right now. If it sparkles, I want it. This notion is pretty clear with my top picks! I am especially fond of the Jewel Scent candles. Basically, its two great gifts in one. First a lovely scented candle, after a piece of jewelry ranging anywhere from $10 to $7000 in value!
Diamond Toothpicks $19.95

Jewel Scent Candles- Candles with jewelry inside! 24.99


Whether the men in your life are geeky or classic, one of my picks will surely fit the bill! Truly, my husband fits somewhere between the two and would love either of these gifts!
Loot Crate- prices range- $13.37

Key Shaped Pocket Knife- $27.90

I am happy to include the NIV adventure Bible this year! I just think it is a super neat gift for children that keeps on giving. These Bibles make the Bible fascinating for young readers with tid bits of fun info, memory verses, and food for thought. I was blessed to be able to provide a few of these great Bibles to kiddos in my church due to the kindness of Family Christian. I highly recommend them! 
NIV Adventure Bible $29.99

Aquatic BioBubble- Prices range-149.99

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