Monday, August 19, 2013

Back 2 School Gear

Here are few of my favorite back to school find over the last few weeks! I have to tell you, finding pictures of these things online has proven to be harder than actually finding them in the stores. I'll be sure to mention where I found them, if you are interested!
Fun composition notebooks at WALMART! I especially loved the neon pink ones!
Hard side Iron Man lunch box. I found this at TARGET, but there is slim pickings now that school is about to start.
Purple dorm gear at BIG LOTS. From cool looking storage trunks, computer chairs, rugs, and baskets... there isnt anything in purple that I didnt wish I had when I was in college!
Primary composition books from the DOLLAR TREE. Much better than Wally-world's price of nearly 5 bucks!
There you have it! Whether your student is going to school for the first time or to great wide world of college, here are my picks!

Looking Forward

I will soon be sharing my top picks for teachers and staff returning!

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