Saturday, January 11, 2014

Catching Up

There is a tug a war within me over getting "back up on the horse" as they say. It has been something I have been looking forward to for so long, but with time have lost some of that great drive I had. I have no fear that it wont return, its just getting back into my grove. I regularly blog in the evenings when my children are asleep and my day is over. Ive gotten used to falling straight to sleep and have lost hours of time I would otherwise be using here and my other blog. However, I will push past the slight resistance and come back with full force. I am so excited to share news and recent events with you!

As you know I moved in October. It has been a major blessing to be back in our own place once again. My husband found a job and is now happily working with benefits and everything. We have Internet in our own home for the first time since our marriage. That is a very big milestone! Do you know what made us get it? YOU! I just couldn't live without blogging. Both my children had birthdays prior to Christmas. No I have a one year old and three year old keeping me busy! We started potty training Ben and are now on the home stretch. Underwear is cool! My baby, Henry, is still not sleeping through the night. You can imagine our disappointment. Other than that, there is very little on the home front to fill in. Christmas was wonderful. The kids loved it! My husband and I shared our 4th anniversary at the beginning of this month as well.

I do have one other big piece of news I would like to share. I am now a proud writer for another blog and magazine! You can check out my blog, Growing Up Around the Table, here. Growing Up in the Valley is a local, family magazine I was originally doing sales for. I wasnt a very good sales person, but I am a much better writer! I look forward to having my work in their print editions as well!

Be on the look our for posts on here as well as there! You can also check out my devotional blog, Missionary Manda's Musings as well.

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