Sunday, June 15, 2014

10 Reasons I Love My Dad

My dad is a pretty amazing man. Although he is not my father by genes, he is the very best daddy in the world. Here is why:

1. He made a choice to be my dad and he rocked at it.
2. He had a way of making me feel special. He drove my friends and I around and let us call him "Henry", he gave flowers on my birthday, and took me ballroom dancing.
3. He is honestly one of the most caring men alive. He just likes to hide it.
4. He took excellent care of me and my siblings. We didn't grow up having alot of money, but I never lacked for what we needed.
5. My wedding- enough said.
6. Spilling the beans when Andrew asked you for permission to marry me. I will never forget the call.... "Hello, Mrs. Powers"
7. His mad math skills. You may not be the greatest math teacher, but I sure do appreciate you doing my taxes every year.
8. I owe him a lot of thanks for all those medical bills he paid. Only now when I have so many of my own do I understand what a burden that was.
9. He always answers my calls. I don't call him much, but I know that he will always answer!
10. He is an awesome Grandpa. I have no doubt he will be as much fun with my boys as he was when I was growing up. In many ways he is still a kid at heart!

Daddy, I love you. Happy Father's day!

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