Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to Choose Your Time Lord Name

If you haven't noticed already, my family and I are a little nerdy. However, our biggest fandom at the moment is the gloriously entertaining (and usually very good looking)- Doctor Who. This show often leads my husband and I into long conversations that serious look into each aspect of the show. Its sad, but its true.

With this fascination comes are secret desires to be either a Time Lord or companion ourselves. Today we will be exploring the realm of Time Lords on the blog. We will discuss how to find your "name". The Doctor actually chose that name. Although no one actually knows his given name, "Doctor" is only truly a nickname. Every person can find their own name in this sense. His was chosen to repay his past debts and his mission to save other worlds (especially Earth). So what are you?

*Disclaimer: My apologies if you have no idea what I am talking about... you should watch the show.*

To choose your name, consider these things:
  • Your Career
  • Your Passions
  • Your Current Titles (brother, sister, mother, leader, coach, etc)
After creating a list of all these things, see if there are any that seem to reoccur. Are there aspects of any of the three that are alike? If so, you are getting closer.

Once you have determined a realm, you must then choose a title. This is what it might look like. (These examples are my husband and I's)

Andrew's List
  • Career- Librarian (Desired), Banker (Current), Educator (future)
  • Passions- Books, superheros, learning, studying, archeology, music
  • Current Titles- Father, husband, son, Banker

After looking at all this the reoccurring theme was books and study. From this my husband looked at the nicknames he has been given in the past and concluded on the name:

The Professor 


My List
  • Career- Educator
  • Passions- Children, writing, children, being creative , fashion
  • Current Titles- Wife, mother, daughter, sister, children's leader, writer
I instantly knew what the best name was for me after considering my list. I bet you can guess it!

The Mother



I really want to know what your name would be... so share below!

Keep and eye out, because I think I am on a roll. Next in this series....

What does your TARDIS look like?

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