Saturday, September 20, 2014

Something Like Writer's Block

I am sure you already know what it can be like to get motivated to do things when you are struggling emotionally, physically, or mentally. However, it is something about those times that should really force us to keep pushing because its the pushing through that helps pull of out of our slump. I am personally going through that now. Now that I have admitted that, I am one step closer to getting out of it?

What is your slump today?

I have a desire to chance my own course and I know it is possible for you to do as well. Sometimes small steps can take you a long way. So, here are the steps I plan to make this week! See if any of these hit home with you. Some of them are small, but at least they are something!

  1. Write at least one post over at Missionary Manda's Musings.(I have been neglecting it for too log and I have to get back on board!)
  2. Bake some cookies and muffins for my husband and kids. (I am on a strict diet and I can not have either, so my family has been suffering. lol)
  3. Fold at least two baskets of laundry. (Can you tell that my house is a mess!)
  4. Repaint my finger nails.
  5. Go to the gym 3x this week.
  6. Read some of the book for the book club that it about to start at work. (Don't tell everyone that I am behind.)
Missionary Manda's Musings
I think six things are a good start. Getting past a slump doesn't take big. lengthy, or even painful steps. It just takes doing something. 

I would love to hear your tip, tricks, and ideas for getting out of a slump. I would also like to encourage you if you are going through one right now. I am here for you and if you need me you can email or comment any time!

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