Monday, September 1, 2014

10 Things I Wish I had done now that it is too LATE

Its interesting how somethings can just rock your boat. Over the past few days I have been considering my limitations, goals, and dreams. I have also been reliving the wondrous adventures of my past. Do not get me wrong, I have done a lot for my young life. I have been around the world (Japan, Philippines, France, South Africa, Mozambique). I have a college degree. I am married and have two fantastic children. I've lived through unimaginable things. Yet, I cant help seeing all the things I fee like I am going to miss. So this post is dedicated to those things and finding a way to recreate new goals that are possible!

At the very bottom of my page is my "Life List," which is basically a bucket list. The first few things on this list come straight from it because ultimately, they are the ones I am saddest about losing.

1. I wish I had gone straight into the mission field. With the news that  require handicap accessible living, living on the mission field seems less and less likely. It's heart breaking.

2. Its really too bad that having a farm it not practical. That is unless some one else wants to tend it for me.

3. I will never change a tire. There goes wanting to be a truly renaissance woman.

4. I wish I had danced. Not just ballroom dancing, because that is still possible. I wish I had gotten out there and "shook it". I wish I had taken lessons or did something. I wish I had moved, because now I am sad I cant.

5. I wish had finished my second degree in education. I look at it now and it losses practicality. I mean, what is the purpose if I will have to give it up someday.

6.  I wish I had done a few more crazy things. Weird huh? I wont be able to do them in my midlife crisis.

7. I wish I had saved money when I was single. Like I said, find out you have a disability is expensive.

8. What is the likelihood I will ever travel the world again? Not much.

9. All of these things on m 30 BEFORE 30 list- Learning to Hula Hoop, set up for retirement, and exotic workouts.

10. I wish I had lived more in the now instead of the future. Its about time I change that.

Do you have any suggestions on what to replace these with? Share them with me!

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