Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What does your TARDIS look like?

May I make a confession? It is a little embarrassing, and once it's out I can't ever take it back... Here it goes! I've been dreaming Doctor Who for days. There, I said it. That's right, every night I have entertained Doctors, played the roll of a companion, or stared as River Song. I am not necessarily proud of my new obsession, but it hasn't cost me any money, injures, or extra time. I guess you can say  its a pretty safe one.

That being said, I will continue on my little Whovian series I've started. Today's project is finding that TARDIS. I have a theory that some of my very favorite fictional characters are actually Time Lords. I'll show you what I mean:

 That is just a few!! Oh so many possibilities. Anyway, if you created your Time Lord name the other day, you will need some transportation! Here is what you need to consider! First, you are not restricted to things that are actually considered to be transportation. Take the Doctor, a police phone box. This is possible because basically all a TARDIS is, is a time machine is disguise!

Although you don't have to use transportation, you could very well choose to.Take Ms. Frizzle up there, how practical that she would have a bus for a TARDIS. Choosing a TARDIS is less about formula (like your name) and more about what speaks to you. My husband selected a very large, orient, grandfather clock for his. If you are as stumped by the idea as I am, here are a few good ideas:
  •  cars, trains, plane, buses
  • pieces of furniture with doors
  • large appliances
  • phone booths, photo booths
  • large boxes of all kinds
Still stumped? Consider this:
  • What is in your favorite room in the house?
  • What is your dream transportation?
  •  What was your Time Lord name? Pick something fitting.
  • Go against the flow, do something random. (I.E. Police Phone box!?)

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