Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to be Classic in a Modern World

Interestingly enough, I see more classy people now that I am involved in the blogging world. Perhaps this is because I don't see all of the aspects of the people or perhaps its because bloggers inspire one another, either way it has been encouraging to me. I have always been accused of being an "old soul". With that came my desire and passion for being a woman is truly classic. I find pleasure in standing out by doing things that are not meant to stand out. In a world wear loud, crazy, and sometimes obnoxious are popular, I enjoy being motivated and classy. This is not to say that I don't love some fun, wild, and crazy things or that I've never done anything not so classic. I have, I just have such a a long history and love for classic that it far outweighs them.

If you look through past posts or the recent ones where I spoke on classic fashion, you can tell that I appreciate modesty. I can also see the purpose behind good quality (even when circumstances deter me from having such things). If you have been a reader for a long time you know that I love to be a hostess, I am honored in my role as a wife, and work diligently to be a wonderful parent to my boys. Some of these qualities  I would consider to be uncommon in this modern world. I also take more pleasure in helping, giving, and building up others than thinking of myself. As I see it, if your mindset is focused on others, its a whole lot easier to be a classic woman in this modern world.

I promised categories of all kinds for this series and I intend on making good on my promises. I am excited about the next category. Being my favorite, "being a hostess" is next on my list for discussion. There are so many aspects with this.
  • Planning and types of parties
  •  Invites and thank yous
  • Cooking and Preparing
  • Decorating 
  • Being a great hostess
  • Being a considerate guest
Among the things I wish to discuss will be how to dress for, set up, invite others to and plan different levels of formality, creative and classic ideas for decorating and cooking, and what is expected out a host or hostess.

You may be wondering how and why I even know much about all this. This is all I can say- I grew up with a very good hostess for a mother and I have read etiquette books from many different generations and pulled out the aspects that still apply today.

I wont say I am a perfect hostess or guest, but its a goal I strive for and I feel like it a skill every classic woman should have a basic understanding of.

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