Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Invites and Thank Yous

I apologize for my lengthy time of blog construction. Background issues in blogging are so much more challenging than I expected them to be! Anyway, we can now get back to our series on being classic in a modern world. We just started talking about planning classic parties. We discussed the preparation stages prior to having a party already. Today we are talking about invites and thank yous. We are covering how to decide how many and who to invite to each different kind of party.

First you must decide how big a party you would like to have. Below is a basic estimate of how many people WILL attend for each type of party.

 BBQ/ Outdoor Parties- 2-4 families (approx 4-15 people)
Tea Parties- 4-6 people
Home Sales Parties-8-10 people
Small Cocktail Parties- 10-15 people
Small Dinner Parties- 4- 8 people
Children's Parties- 5-8 kids (approx 15 in total)
Milestone Parties 20-100 people (depending on milestone)
Anniversary Parties- 8- 20 people (unless a milestone, see above)
Formal Parties- 25-150 people
Wedding Receptions- 100-500 people (not as in some places)

After getting a general idea of how many people you would like to attend you party, you have to prepare to send invites. Unfortunately purchasing invites will be more costly than thank yous. This is because you need to send about double the amount of invites as people you would like to come. This is true for almost every kind of party except perhaps the ones that you are only inviting the closest of friends or family. (Such as tea parties, some children's parties, and BBQs.)

Invites should fit the formality and size of the event. Classically paper invites are the only way to go. However in modern times, even a classy lady can do internet based invited for home sales parties and informal get-togethers. This does not apply to weddings or any other more formal event!

Thank you notes follow by similar rules. Paper is best for any sort of gift. A simple internet thank you may be fine for thanking guests for coming to an informal event.

I rather enjoy the creativity that looking for, designing, and writing invites and thank yous provides. I have provided a link below to one of my favorite companies to purchase invitations and thank yous for children's parties. It is an affiliate link, but everything I say about companies is true and honest opinions of mine. I like support companies I already love!

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