Friday, August 22, 2014

The Hostess and the Guest

We are on the final leg of our classic party planning topic. I am partly sad and partly excited about this because I have decided to hold up on doing any more on my "Being Classic in a Modern World" series for a while. Do not worry, we will get back to it a few more times in the months to come. I just feel like we need a little break and I have plans to some FUN!

Now, to the topic at hand!

The Hostess

Whether you are hosting alone or co-hosting, there a few things that help you to be classic at it. First, have most of your preparations (such as food) ready to go. You miss out on your own party and lose the chance to be a great host if you are spending your whole party in the kitchen. Second, greet each guest as they arrive or soon after. If you have a large number of guests, this is critically important. No one really wants to feel forgotten about. Attempt to make small talk with every guest at some point. Third, don't spend the whole time stressing. Allow yourself to enjoy the party and let the little things go. Lastly, dress comfortably and classic!

The Guest

Being a guest has changed a lot over the years. I truly feel like a few classic rules still apply.First, always RSVP. Please please please... if you do nothing else, do that. It helps the host or hostess prepare for food, entertainment, etc. Second, be no later than 15 minutes late. If you are going to be, be considerate and let the host know (in advance if possible). Last, dress to the formality. If you are unsure, ask.

Now, for some less required but still wonderful guest thoughts:
If the party is even remotely formal, bring a gift for the hostess. This has died and it breaks my heart. I feel like as a hostess, I put a huge amount of work into making the party special for my guests. This small token allows the guest to show they appreciate the effort. This is not really required for small get togethers, especially between very close friends. However, there is no rule that you can not!

Anyway, this is the short and sweet look at being a classic hostess or guest. I would love to hear your tips on being a classic host or a great guest. Feel free to share in the comments below!

Be on the look out for some awesome new adventures over the next few days.

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