Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why I am Losing Weight Even Though I am a Part of the Body Love Movement

As I face a new chapter of my life I must consider what this previous chapter has taught me. Over the past two years I have grown tremendously through blogging. I have come to understand aspects of me that were once unexplored. I have come to love who I am despite my flaws. And I have made new friends and connections that never would have been in my life without being a blogger. This chapter has brought some of the highest and even the lowest moments in my life. However, just like a book or a fine meal, this course will not last forever.

If you have been following for any length of time you already know that I struggled with my weight and self esteem a lot as young person. In fact, even early in my marriage I was still feeling the effects of it. Now as I am finally coming to a place of acceptance and even love for who I am, I have to make a change. A few months ago I posted that I recently received a diagnosis that changed my life. It wasn't truly clear how much my life was really going to change. In the process of seeing doctors, getting tests, and researching there are been several things that have been reoccurring. One, weight loss is needed and immediately. Two, at some point in life I will need to be prepared to end my work career in disability rather than retirement. Third, I can't keep pretending and going on with things as normal because it will only make me worse. I must start making changes! Lastly, being disabled is expensive. For the sake of time, I am only covering the weight loss today.

Here's the facts: I totally agree with the BODY LOVE movement. I don't mind being plus size and sometimes I am even rather happy to be so. Yes, I do have bad days were nothing fits and I feel "fat". Although I talked about it off and on, I never really planned on changing.

All the statements above are still true, except one. I do plan to make a change now. There is no more "talking", its about time to get to"doing". Its not because I hate myself or even because  I want to buy nice clothing (although it will be nice), its about living a high quality life. My doctor put it in a way I will never forget. When it comes to degenerative arthritis, weight loss is one of the best ways to reduce pain and slow degeneration. My doctor said it this way, "If you told a cancer patient that by dong something it would be like being half way to a cure, they would waste no time or money to do it. However, with weight people put it off or think they don't need any help when for them it could be just as critical."

So, I am getting help. Over the next few weeks I will watched carefully as I do a medically guided diet with medication. Over the next year I should go from who I am to half of me. Its all so scary and a little exciting all at the same time. It requires so much work, money, and courage to take this step that will change who I am FOREVER.

I here to ask you, my readers, fellow bloggers, and those who are a part of the BODY LOVE movement to be my support. I am doing the best thing I can right now for the body I love, losing some of it.

I'd love to hear your encouraging stories, comments, and ideas below in the comments.

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