Monday, August 18, 2014

Location, Decoration, Entertainment and Food

You know how many people you are inviting, you've picked lovely invitations and you know what your celebrating. Now it is time to get into some specifics! Places, food, entertainment, and decorations are the fun part of entertaining if you ask me! Once you have narrowed down how many people will be attending it is easier to start planning these things. 

The first on the list is location. Without a good location the best and most important parties can fail. However, I have found that with a little help and a lot of creativity, you can make any space into a good one. The only rule that can not be broken in my opinion is having enough room with seats for everyone in attendance. People will feel uncomfortable and will lose enjoyment if they can not even find a place to take a seat.

I currently live in a rather small apartment but I love to entertain. So when I have a party pushing over ten people I get creative with my space. I will move furniture around, rent or borrow chairs and utilize the outdoor space that I have. This allows me to entertain a little larger group even in my small setting.

If you have the money to rent a location, go for it. It helps with the clean up but can make set up a bit more challenging. It also gives you a restriction on length and time for your party if you do no rent for the entire day. Hotels, churches, libraries, and banquet hall are all options to consider when planning. Always choose one that fits the purpose of your event. (I would not likely put a cocktail party in a church or a dance party in a library!)

Once you have chosen a location you can move to entertainment and decorations. Nearly every party requires at least a little background music. Some parties require much more like a DJ or band. Look at the size and budget for your party. Remember when choosing a band or DJ you are paying for so much more that a night of entertainment. You are paying for their set up, equipment, and take down. Decorations are the fun part. Once you have a reason to party it is usually fun to chose a theme as well It makes buying invitations and party supplies easier. A few of my favorite themes include:
  • New York City
  • Luau
  • Masked Balls
  • Colorful
There are hundred, maybe thousands of themes to choose from so don't feel limited. Do a little internet searching and if you have the time play around with a few ideas before settling on one. You can find ideas on my Pinterest boards: Unplanned Party Plans and Renew and relive I DO.

Last but certainly not least you have FOOD! I feel like I could have spent an entire post on this subject alone. I love to prepare the menu for my parties. I always look to find creative ways to serve and prepare my food. The only rule of thumb here is to keep it simple enough when you are cooking that you are not spending your whole party in the kitchen. Other options include pot lucks and catering, all depending on the formality of your party.

If you are looking for a few fun party food ideas you can check out my Pinterest Boards: My "Julia" Project, Cooking Crafty: Nummies, and Cooking Crafty: Starters.

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