Saturday, January 17, 2015

300 Calorie Lunches

Since starting my diet I have learned to be extra creative with the way I cook and eat. It can getting boring after a while with limited selection and quantities. If you don't believe a delicious lunch can be around 300 calories than check out a few of my ideas below!

A ground turkey taco with an orange and half of a low carb tortilla

Veggie burger wrap with fat free mozzarella, half a low carb tortilla, and no sugar added tomato sauce

Egg salad (made with calorie free mayo), Melba toast, sugar free bread and butter pickles and an orange

Turkey wrap with mustard, a salad (no dressing), and sugar free twizzlers

Turkey and broccoli stir fry and half an apple

Apple and almond butter

Green beans, almonds and an orange

See, no boring here!! All of these were around 300 calories, NO LIE! What are you healthy lunch ideas. Share pictures on instagram and twitter and tag me @dolcedellavita or use the hashtag #dolcedellavita

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