Friday, January 9, 2015

Fashion, Fitness & Food

It is finally time for me to announce the them for the rest of the month. I am really excited about it! It pretty much covers everything I have been about for the past few months- fashion, fitness, and food. I am learning to and loving dressing my new figure. I am also learning to get really creative with my health conscious food. My diet is very restricted, but I refuse to let it stay boring!

Throughout January I will be posting
  • fashion looks
  • reviews of fashion friendly apps
  • tips
  •  meal ideas
  •  simple fitness videos (things I do!)
  • reviews of helpful kitchen products
Its a lot to cover but it will be fun!I can already tell you that I am loving it so far. I hope you will join me for the fun. Join on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #dolcedellavita and tag me @dolcedellavita on Twitter! This month promises to be a great kick off to a full year!

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