Thursday, October 9, 2014

I am a Dreamer

Did you know I that I am a dreamer? I am sure that all my regular readers gave a resounding, "duh" to answer that question. Are you a dreamer? What is it that makes you consider yourself a dreamer?

As I face a future with a lot of limitations, I consider the things I would still love to do in life. Although some of the are not really possible anymore, some may need to be pursued earlier than I expected to, or in a different way.

I have thrown around many career options in my lifetime. None have really stuck with me, with the exception of education. I have been working with children nearly my entire life. I love it deeply, but I have always dreamed of exploring other options. Among my list of choices I included artist, author, storm chaser, scientist, and stay at home mom. More practical and relevant ideas have also crossed my mind. At one point I considered being a special education teacher, an occupational therapist, or even an elementary teacher. My wildest notions have included theologian, professor, and Christian marriage and sex therapist. My calling has always been to go into the mission field. As you can tell, I am all over the career spectrum. For this very reason I have not gone back to school to get a masters or doctorate!

As for hobbies, I am even more eclectic. I already write, read, and listen to music on a regular basis.Which are all pretty "normal" hobbies. I even dabble in the arts at times. Yet my dream hobbies are nowhere near as mediocre . I would love to do beauty pageants, opera singing, professional party planning, an "ask Manda" column,Harley riding, and even  fashion design and dancing. World travel is also on the very top of that list. At one time that was one of my regular hobbies. However, it has been years since I have been abroad. Now, all these hobbies are worth while plans. Still, I am clearly aware that I am no longer that right age (or shape) for beauty pageants. I also know that opera singing takes a lifetime of practice I do not have. Dancing is not that practical now with my own physical disabilities. The same will soon be true of world traveling since "the world" is sadly not handicap accessible. The other options above are a toss up. If you could choose any hobby, what would you consider?

A dreamer does not let their limitations stop them. They use those limitations as starting points for
finding new opportunities. So, are you a dreamer or do you let life stop you? Do you push past your weakness to build new strengths? If so, explore with me. Let's find some new passions together!

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