Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Miscarriage and Infant Loss Awareness Day

October 15th is Miscarriage and infant loss awareness day. This topic is so close to home for me because it is not just statistics to me, its who I am. I am the one in four who has lost a child.

In this day an time it seems that this issue is taken so lightly. People brush off this loss as little and expect woman and families to go on like normal after it. However, having gone through this, that little life will always be a part of you.

Its about time we stop ignoring the hurting woman everywhere. We need to bind together and build a strong connection of support so every mother who has lost a child can have sanctuary. It doesn't matter whether you were 10 weeks along or your baby made it to birth or beyond, the loss of a child is a very real pain.

Join with me in supporting those who have gone through this. My miscarriage happened before finding out my child's gender. My family had already lovingly nicknamed them "Squash". "Squash" will always be a part of my heart, even if no one ever got to meet their beautiful face.

If you have been through this, I know the pain you feel. Let's break the silence!

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