Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weird Things I Do When I am Alone

I have come to believe that we all do weird things when we are alone. Most people are not crazy enough to talk about it. Of course then you have people like me. With inspiration and down but my desire to write up, I began searching for some challenges to help me. This was the first topic on the first list I found. It intrigued me and now here we are.

So, first I will say that I am not a fan of "airing my dirty laundry" in front of everyone, so I don't plan on doing that now. However, I am kinda weird in general and I have a large number of odd things I do when I am alone. Read my list below and see if you and I have any alike OR if you are brave share one of your own!

  • I write lists about random things.
    A list like thing I made for my blog
  • I draw fashion designs.
  • I look at all my flaws in the mirror. I inspect them and sometimes attempt to fix them (Pluck hairs, etc)
  • Read articles online. My husband like to joke that every conversation I start begins with "I read this article..."
  • Clean my ears. I am guilty of doing this several times a day. Don't ask me why, they are itchy I guess.
  • Take silly quizzes online
  • Research bra sizing
  • Mess with my very dry feet in the attempt to help them. 

  • Take really long, very hot showers just because I am cold, the I don't want to get out and feel the old air again.
  • Work out and listen to girl empowering songs.

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