Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Digging Deeper: Ideas

I apologize for my absence. I have been in the processing of moving and I have had little time or internet! Do not let yourself fret; I have made arrangements to keep you all fully involved! I realize I missed a Self Study Sunday. There is little I can do since I cannot rewind the days! So, let’s move forward from here. I have put together a small compilation of ideas to help you with your self study process. These can all be easily done on your own, most of them on a regular basis.

First, journaling and blogging both allow you to write out your thoughts and emotions. This is also beneficial for dealing with anger, stress, and grief.  Some people also enjoy “vlogging” (video blogging), sketch journals, or daily photo challenges. There is a way to keep record and cope with emotions that fits your personality.  I recommend doing one of these things on a weekly basis at least.

Another good option for self exploration is dream records. If you are a person who has any memory of their time in dreamland, write it down. In order to do this, it is best to keep a small notebook at your bedside. This way you can jot down your dreams quickly and easily in the middle of the night or when you awaken in the morning. If you have a dream that peaks interest or curiosity in you, there are plenty of resources on dreams available online and at your local library. You should easily be able to learn more.
Humans are naturally very spiritual beings. God intended us to be. Because of this, it is helpful to spend time in prayer or meditation on a regular basis. This allows God to open up doors for us. Being the creator, he knows every aspect about us. What better person to help us understand ourselves? God is a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t be what I am today without Jesus in my life. To learn more about my relationship with Christ, you can check out my devotions and testimony on Missionary Manda’s Musings.
Missionary Manda's Musings

Speaking of meditation, time alone is essential to understanding yourself. I once heard that your must comfortable alone in order to have a relationship with someone else. No person is truly an island, so even when we are in the process of self exploration, others are affected.  Take a few moments alone every day. Take a walk, sit and rest, pray… whatever it is that you enjoy.

I hope this gives you a few fun things to catch you up on my missed time! I have some really fun and exciting news to be sharing soon, so be on the look out!

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