Thursday, October 10, 2013

Digging Deeper: Research Project 2

Today I did a little research on how I feel about weather and what it means about me. Below I have the whole quiz! However, if you would like to see the original you can find it here.

Take this quiz to find out what the weather says about your personality:

1. What type of storm do you prefer?
a) Thunderstorm
b) Snowstorm
c) Gentle rain (no thunder)
d) None: Bring on sunny days and blue skies every day

2. What is your favorite weather season?
a) Summer
b) Winter
c) Fall
d) Spring

3. When it snows you:
a) Jump up and down like a kid
b) Head outside immediately
c) Bundle up with a warm blanket
d) Book the first flight to a warm beach

4. How hot is too hot?
a) 75° F
b) 85° F
c) 95° F
d) 100° F

5. What is your ideal weather day?
a) Stormy with rain or snow
b) Sunny but cool to cold
c) Overcast but warm
d) Sunny and hot

6. Sunny warm days make you ….
a) Bored
b) Miserable
c) Full of energy
d) Happy

So what’s your weather personality?

Give yourself 5 points for each A, 4 for each B, 3 for each C, and 2 points for each D.

If your total score was between 24 and 30 points, you are the type of person who likes action. You don’t mind being in noisy areas, enjoy the outdoors and can be described as adventurous. You don’t mind rough conditions, and weather the storms in life with a good attitude. You enjoy changes and get bored if everything stays the same for too long.

If your total score was between 18 and 23, you are an all-around outdoor lover. Rain or shine, heat or snow, you are satisfied with whatever comes your way. You don’t go out of your way to seek adventure, but you don’t hide from it, either. No matter where you are, or what time of year, you’ll find a way to make the most of it and enjoy yourself.

If your total score was between 12 and 17, you are a sun worshiper. You love being outdoors, but only when the weather suits you. The very sight of snow or grey skies sends you running for cover. You would rather spend a quiet day in the garden or relaxing on the beach than roughing it in the wilderness. [source]

 My number was 27. If your interested in the breakdown:
A- 4
B- 1
C- 1

For the most part I feel like its accurate, except I do have a few things I like to stay the same. Things like "home" need not to change much. In that way I like things just how I set them and left that way.

I truly love and enjoy thunderstorms and snow. Actually, any form of unusual weather is of interest to me.

 In fact, this post lead me to a length Google search of unusual weather! Maybe I should have gone into the field!

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