Friday, October 18, 2013

Digging Deeper: The Contents

I have always heard that you could tell a lot by the contents of a woman's purse. If this is true, I figure I should be able to learn a little about myself through it. I figured I would bring you for the ride. I have some fun pictures for you too!

This is a picture of my purse. (I change my purse every week to two weeks, depending on the season. It changes less in the Summer.) Although I change my purse regularly, I basically pour the contents from one to another, so that stays the same.The second picture is all the contents of my purse, prior to exploration.

First we will go through the things that were not in separate little bags. Some of these things should have been in those bags, but oh well!

The first photo is of educational flash cards. They were left overs from work that I brought home for Ben.

The second photo is of my handkerchief, nail file, lip balm, and pen. These three things actually say a lot about me. The handkerchief comes from tendency to be old-fashioned. In fact, I wrote about bring hankies back, here. As for my nail file... I will have to admit, I am a little OCD. As far as things on myself goes, I strive for perfections. I hate ragged nails, pimples, and stray hairs (I keep tweezers in the car, bathroom, and my room). I used to be ridiculous about my nails though. The lip balm comes from my college days. I love Soft Lips (I've done several giveaways!). I like to keep my lips soft, moisturized, and kissable. Last, who doesn't need a pen?! I got this one from work. It has a light on the end!

The third photo is of my son's "wallet". Basically I carry around his pennies for him.

The fourth photo brings us back to work again. Those scrap papers are work notes and fliers. You can also see my badge, marking me as official. I usually leave this in the car, but I forgot to take it off because I was excited that it is Friday.

The last photo is of my sunglasses. If you don't already know, I'm thrifty. I got these awesome specs from the Dollar Store. I mean, why pay more when your kids will likely break them?! I can't live without my glasses. I feel like the wicked witch in the sun.... MY EYES!!!

Now for the bags! On your left you will see my favorite ipsy bag. I filled it with all kinds of goodies. Most importantly you see my collection of cards and family photos. I mean, I need my money and my loves! Next you will see hand sanitizer, because lets face it, kids are nasty. You will also see my Soft Lips lip gloss. There is also some blister wax for my feet. I have a consistent problem of buying shoes I love that don't love me. Lastly, there is mints. I got those so I could use them before kissing my husband or give him one when he has what I call "breath tentacles". However they have been used for bribery for my eldest.

On the right side you see another ipsy bag. This one is actually one of my least favorite. I fill it with stuff for Benjamin. Henry has a whole separate diaper bag devoted to him still. Crayons, Play-doh, and action figures are pretty common things to find in my purse. I figured giving them their own bag would reduce the mess. As you can see, I also have mini dinosaurs in there too!

So, what do you think the contents of my purse say about me? Im pretty sure that it gives away my life story! Mom, wife, educator... thats me.

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