Sunday, October 13, 2013

Self Study Sunday 2

Casseruola Dolce Della Vita

Here we are again! Please join me for Self Study Sunday! I'd like to remind you that if you decide to link up, please share a link to your site below! I have several good options to choose from this week. I love the questions myself!

Digging Deeper: Quiz

Remember a few days ago when we did that quiz about "The Big Five"? I've got another one of those for you. It has a more detailed questionnaire. You can find this "Understand Yourself" quiz here.

Here are my results, just in case you were curious. These are based in 0-100 scale. Please take the quiz to understand my results!

Extraversion 78
Agreeableness 67
Conscientiousness 83
Neuroticism 59
Openness to Experience 82

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