Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Sonic Screwdriver is not the only tool!

Let's be honest here, we would all love to have a single tool that opens anything, defends us, turn things off and on for us, and could be used as a GPS. This my friends is the brilliant type of tool the Doctor carries along with him. However the Sonic Screwdriver is no the only tool! Weapons and pens have also been seen to do the trick. [source] So, if you were a Time Lord what would you carry? How would you upgrade the little beauty for your purposes?

Let us go down this rabbit trail a while...

If Ms. Frizzle was indeed a Time Lord, her sonic tool may have been those gorgeous light up earrings of hers. Although something on the Magic School Bus may have also been sonic!

If Mary Poppins was a Time Lord her umbrella was surely the tool of choice!

The Doctor himself carried a cane at one time that he used as a sonic device!

I am not really sure yet what I might carry, but it would likely look like a cellphone or perhaps be attached to my necklace.

So, what about you?

For a little more enjoyment, check out this cool video of "If Doctor Who was an American show" Brilliant!

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