Saturday, July 5, 2014


Ok, let's stray from our Doctor Who for a moment to talk about what Ive been up to. I am sure that I have you wondering with my very creative post name. I enjoy reading and researching things I consider to be self improvement. I am also always on the prowl for a properly fitting bra. I don't believe I have ever truly worn one. That being said, I may have found the answer. I have been reading a lot about finding and understanding bra sizes. Over several sites and forums I have discovered a very interesting way to measure bra fitting. It seems practical and I am hopeful! However, I am a tad frightened. The sizing that was suggested is so drastically different from what I am already wearing! See for yourself:

Wearing 42G = New size 40M (us sizing)


If you haven't already guessed, that's HUGE. Im nervous and excited to see if this is actually what a proper bra would look like. If your curious why and how I got this size change, you can check out this cool link. It gives all the why and how. As you may have guessed, I doubt I can find this size ANYWHERE. So, I had to order it online. When it comes in a few days I'll fill you in. I'd say I'll share pictures, but I'm not sure I'm ready to be quite that open with the world yet. We'll see. If this does work though, I'll be sharing this news from every mountain top.

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