Monday, July 28, 2014

Just so Classic- Handbags


Although the colors can range for purses and hangbags, classic colors include tans, browns, nude, black, and navy. However classic styles keep the basics are made well and can last a life time. I believe there is three main types of purses/handbags that every woman should own.
  1. A clutch- A smaller handbag that can go from day to night.
  2. A handbag- This one is for everyday use.
  3. A tote- This is really just a larger purse that is useful especially for working women. It could also be used for a more fashion friendly diaper bag for mothers!
Although I mentioned the classic colors, I love to play with color. This is one of those areas that I can do that. I do own a few classic pieces that are timeless, however I also have some great funky ones as well!

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