Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm Bringing Hankies Back

So, I have now found my new "thing". I think ladies should again carry handkerchiefs, or at least I should! I used to, when I traveled. I would purchase them all over the world. Who knows where they are now though. So, I had so order a few super cheap from ebay and hope for the best. When I say a "few" I mean I ordered 58.... from China.... don't judge. They came in sets of 29 and they were very cheap, so I took a chance.

Anyway, what old-fashioned things do you wish would come back in style? I love to do what I want fashion-wise, so I will rock it if I love it!

Many people say I am an "old soul". I act years beyond my age more often than not. This unusual combination has been my struggle as of late. Its hard to be in your mid-twenties and have people believe your nearing your forties due to behavior and maturity. I'm glad to be mature but I don't want to risk aging myself out of a full life!

Alternate Title: Happy Birthday Mom.

My mother celebrated her birthday today. We went over for dinner and lounged around. Benjamin sang for her and we all ate way too much cake. I plan on sharing a photo or two tomorrow. The lack of photos is why the title didn't stick today!

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  1. Ha Ha! I buy in massive quantities, too. I have no self control!

    Hmmmm, old fashioned things I'd like to see come back in style? That's a hard call! I'm not sure! I'll post it here later! LOL

    1. I'm so glad I am not the only one. Its hard to control myself more times than not!