Monday, April 7, 2014

Mindy Kaling

As I mentioned a while back, April is the month I choose to focus on ladies from both the past and present that have or currently inspire me in someway. I am purposefully choosing to only speak on those aspects of each woman.

Mindy Kaling

I think in her honor I should have named this post "Why Most People Suck at Life and She Doesn't". It would be so fitting and in my opinion, so like her feisty humor.

Smart, funny, GORGEOUS, confident, and straight out awesome... she truly is everything I dream of being. I read her book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" and it made me adore her. Although the books intended audience is young adults/teens, I truly got a great glimpse into her personality.
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One of the parts of the book that will forever stay with me is a story she told about going to a photo-shoot f(that she was invited to) for a magazine cover. When she arrived, they had tons of lovely dresses waiting for their "cover girl". However, they did not think that through because the one that fit her was a disaster and she certainly wasn't having that! She made them cut one of the designer dresses up the back and rig it up. Not only did she look gorgeous, she stood up for herself.

I give her an A+ in my opinion! She rocks what she wants to, and lets her natural beauty speak for itself. For everything else she sprinkles in a dash of humor and keeps on moving. Her confidence is amazing.

So, who inspires you? Please take a moment to share a woman who inspires you.

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