Monday, April 28, 2014

All Good Things

Must Come to an End...

And so it goes with this school year's bento lunches. My sons' semester at "baby school" had its final classes today. Next school year my eldest will be taking the big step into a real preschool. I'm both excited and sad about this. He is growing up way to fast and to me he will always be my baby. All this is beside the point! I do have two fun little bento lunches to share.

I wanted to do something special for their final hurrah!

For my ninja- a fully loaded, with chopsticks, stealth packed lunch. Including ninja star gummies and a candy ninja!

 For my mini picky minion- Peanut butter pop tart minion with "banana" gummies and candies. A few little lunch meat test tubes finish off the meal!

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