Friday, April 11, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres

April is the month I choose to focus on ladies from both the past and present that have or currently inspire me in someway. I am purposefully choosing to only speak on those aspects of each woman.

 Ellen DeGeneres
 You know, this is a woman who constantly impresses me. She has confidence like no one else, she is not selfish in the least, and she does her share to make the world a better place.

Over the past few years I've watched numerous episodes of her show while at my in-laws. She is so giving. I'm not just talking giveaways and prizes. I'm talking about changing peoples lives! House, jobs, college educations, you name it, she's made a way for someone to get it. She is basically the "fairy god mother" to so many people who's world she has changed.

Although it is half joking, my family often daydream of having her be our "fairy god mother". Amazingly, with all this incredible things behind her, she really seems to stay humble. Its not like I see a lot of news of her bragging about all the good she does. (While I feel she deserves so much more credit than she receives.)

Beyond all that, her confidence is mind blowing. She is completely comfortable in her skin and it shows. She is naturally a lovely woman and she doesn't ruin it with vanity or egotism. I know she has a fun gag of putting her name on everything, but this just shows how she can see humor in all aspects of life.

Humor is another big part of what makes her so inspiring. Laughter is one of God's great medicines. It keeps you from being too stressed, too distracted, or too depressed to see the wonderful world around you. 

I really wish more people in the public eye would take a cue from Ellen. Be awesome, pass it on, and live well.

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  1. Ellen is simply amazing. She is witty, funny and makes you feel like she is just your average everyday friend!