Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hello April, How Are You?

So happy it is finally April. I started working on planting my patio garden. The weather is finally warmer. Spring break is on its way. Im just really pleased its Spring. If you know me well enough, this is unusual. I typically like fall and winter and avoid all forms of warm weather, but I can't stay cooped up any longer.

Anyway, the month of April brings a few new things on here as well. We are starting a new theme. This month I will be doing a series on Amazing Women. There are so many fantastic ladies in both the past and present that inspire me.

I will take a few posts to focus on one of these women each. I hope to highlight the traits that beckon me to grow as a person.

Although no one person is perfect, I believe that each person has qualities we can learn from. During this month, I will not focus on the areas in which I disagree with each woman, but only those traits I mentioned earlier.

I look forward to sharing all this with you. I also look forward to hearing your feedback and comments. Please feel free to share the women that inspire you. Whether living or gone, I want to know!

Oh, I almost forgot. I hit over 100 likes on my Facebook fan page, so I will be announcing another giveaway this month!

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