Sunday, May 18, 2014

11. Surprise Someone

Oh!! I love surprises. Well, not all surprises, only good ones. Surprise parties, surprise gifts, surprise hugs... those all make me so happy. So, I think everyone should make a point to give others happy little surprises!

So far this month I have done several things. Small gifts to friends, surprise date for the hubby, and I am planning on surprising a coworker with a gift.

There is so much to surprises that make it refreshing. The planning, purchasing, the plain out act of surprising make it all worth while. Helping others is refreshing to the soul!

Surprise Ideas
  • Date with your significant other
  • Special dinner for anyone (friend, family, or foe!)
  • A small gift for anyone (friend, family, or foe!)
  • A surprise getaway (one can dream!)
  • Doing a chore for someone else in the family without being asked
  • Doing a chore for a neighbor (like bringing in their trash can from the curb)
  • Writing a just because letter or note
  • Send a care package (to military, college, or elderly)
  • Clean your significant other's car when they are not around
  • Call your grandmother (or mother, whoever you talk to the least!)
I hope all these get you thinking and you have fun planning your next surprise.

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