Tuesday, May 13, 2014

8. Stretch

Start a routine that gets you going and makes you feel refreshed. I am not saying you have to take on a major exercise program. Doing just a little something (making a small healthy change), will make worlds of difference.

Not only that, you help your body prepare for a more active lifestyle. If you already have issues (such as arthritis, back problems, sleeping issues, stress), stretching can help you heal, cope, and wind down. I am especially in need of this suggestion. I have a LOT of back problems and stretching can increase my muscle strength and provide some relief from my almost constant pain. I actually don't know what I am waiting for....

Any time you try to pick up a routine (healthy or otherwise), there is a time of transition. Don't be surprised if you don't wake up every day excited by the thought, but in the end its worth it. Stretching provides so many benefits to our minds and body!

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