Monday, May 12, 2014

7. Wash and Clean Out Your Car

I by no means do this enough! In fact, I haven't yet done it for myself this... year! Crazy! I know! The sad fact is, I get busy and it becomes the last thing on my mind. I do plan on doing it very, very soon!

Its a good way to help start with a clean slate. A clean car makes you feel a littler better. (Plus, its a bit easier that having a completely clean house!)

Its good to rid your car of the trash, bags, and extra junk that it collect. If you have kids, you'll be a little grossed out by the mess they can create in your back seat. Either way, you will feel the difference the first time you drive after you clean it out. Its like a new world.

I also like to take this time to get a new air fresher for my car, peal off old apartment stickers, and get my oil changed if its due. Its sort of like having a new car!

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