Monday, May 26, 2014

15. Be Thankful

Its important to take note and remember how blessed you truly are. Make it a routine to remind yourself of everything you have to be thankful for. For now I suggest even writing a list of 10 things that you're thankful for. It will remind you how good you have it!

Here is my ten:
  1. My Husband- He really should get an award for dealing with me and the children.
  2. My Children- My two little monsters are a great blessings. I love them so much more than I have realized I could.
  3. My mother- Although I love my whole family, my mom holds a special place in my heart. 
  4. Having my own place- I now realize how wonderful and needed that is. Plus I have a patio, which is such a big thing to me!
  5. My job- I have a great job in a great school, working with awesome kids and fantastic staff who teach me something new everyday!
  6. My blog- I didn't realize how much writing could change my life. I now cant imagine being without my blog! 
  7. My husband's job- I know its not his dream job, but after a year without one- WE ARE BLESSED!
  8. My car- There was a time (A LONG TIME) I didn't drive. There is something so freeing about having the ability and the means to get out of the house. I don't think anyone truly realizes how much I hate being stuck in one place.
  9. My cell phone- The life line to the outside world.
  10. Pinterest- The only way I deal with my list making addiction.
So, these are just a few things I am thankful for. Yes, there is tons more... but right now... I find myself truly giving thanks on a daily basis for the ones above. A few are more serious in nature than others, but what is wrong with being thankful for the little things that being you happiness? Nothing! In fact, if you can do that, you will end up a happier person, and that is rejuvenating. 

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