Tuesday, May 20, 2014

12. Build Intimacy

Deepening your relationship with you significant other can really put your focus in view. Since your family is such a large part of your life, its wise to keep those relationships in tip top shape. This is even more true for your partner in crime!

Here are a few ways I find useful in building intimacy:
  1. Couple Devotions and Prayer
  2. Reading a book together (great books for this usually revolve around marriage or something funny that helps you loosen up.)
  3. Pick up a couples "questions" book and go through it together.
  4. Spend 30 minutes just cuddling
  5. Spend 30 minutes making out
  6. Watch a movie in bed together
  7. Plan a date a week (if you can manage it!)
  8. Spend time in true conversation daily. A minimum if 10 minutes!

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