Saturday, May 31, 2014

20 Through 30 Let it Go

I wont lie, I'm over this month's theme. I have to much that I have been wanting to share and do and write that I've been holding back! So, I decide to combine the next few posts into one large post and get to writing whats been on my heart. Thats is where number 20 comes in!

20. Let it Go- This term made popular keeps showing up in my life. Truth is, most of us do have things we really need to just let go of. Right now mine is feeling confined to write by my theme.

21. Cry- Sometimes its good to just let out the emotions. If you have been holding onto anything recently, may I suggest opening up? Its freeing in so many ways.

22. Have a party- I should have to explain this one, but I will. Its fun, there's people, and there is food.

23. Buy some sexy lingerie- Looking beautiful makes a great difference in feeling beautiful

24.Join a group, club, or society. The socialization is good. Plus, they keep you active in one or more of your hobbies.

25.Getting fitted for a bra- Yep, most of us wear the wrong size. You look better when you wear the right one!

26.Crack out the crayons- Color! Its a mindless thing that can really change your attitude.

27. Smile at work- Even if your day is sucking... do it! Your attitude affects people around you. When you choose to be happy, your work environment is better and in the end you will be happier for it.

28.Dont bite off more than you can chew- Its ok to say no sometimes.

29. Laugh a little- Watch a funny movie, read a funny book.

30. Be yourself!

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