Saturday, May 24, 2014

14. Try Something New

This post is a review of Venus Snap razor. I received this razor free from Influester for reviewing purposes.
As you may know, I like to try new things. For this reason I have enjoyed being a part of the Influenster community.If you stay active and do honest reviews, you get more!

So, this fun little razor comes in a round, little carrying case and has its own soap/lotion- perfect for a vacation razor. It eliminates the need to carry shaving cream and normal size razors. The case keeps you and your stuff away from the blades and the water away from your stuff. All pluses if you ask me. The shave is also nice and close, which kind of surprised me.

As for the cons, I only have two thus far. One, the short handle is more difficult for maneuvering. However, the point of this razor is for on the go, so you have to give up one or the other. Secondly, cleaning was a bit of a challenge. It has a full size razor head, so I'm not really sure as to why this is. perhaps because I didn't shave during my shower but on the go instead.

All in all I would say it does everything it promises. Its a perfect on the go, beauty companion!

So what do you want to try new this month?

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