Saturday, May 10, 2014

6. Clean Out Your Closet

If it doesn't fit, cant be fixed, or hasn't been worn in over a year... shed it.  What hasn't been worn or doesn't fit can be sold or donated. Toss anything that has too much wear! While your in your closet is a good time to sort out seasons and put away what wont be needed for a while.

Cleaning out your closet isn't only about clothing, you should also go through your shoes and accessories. Shoes that are overly worn out or don't fit properly shouldn't be taking up precious space in your closet. Now is also a good time to an inventory of what you already own.

Try on what you have left and sort things in a way that makes sense to you. I love an opportunity to organize. I have fun with process. If that is not really your thing, you can do a basic box for accessories and another for bags, and (if you have them) another for hats. Then separate your bottoms from your tops and hang them lightest to darkest.

If you are lucky you have sold a few things and have a little extra cash to put something special back into your closet!

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