Thursday, May 23, 2013

Congratulations and Happy New Year!

Andrew and I got married on January 2nd of 2010. So we started our new life together in a brand new year as well. We kept with the New Year's theme for our wedding and planned a big, balloon filled party for our reception. My entire family is from the north, so we planned with them in mind. We had a full dinner, cocktails, and plenty of dancing. To this day we have people telling us that they have never been to a party so good. I had a very large wedding party, including a dear friend from overseas, family, and several gentleman. That was all on MY side. Rather than having a maid of honor, I had a man of honor. My little brother filled that role well.

I really enjoyed planning our wedding. I think I have a taste for party planning (and for feeling like a princess).  Here is a small look at our nuptials.

The ceremony

I apologize for being a missing for a few days. I've been overly tired. My children have been refusing to sleep. I will be happy the day when they do so again. Here is some of what you missed...

My Outfits

 All of these lovely outfits were made possible by Gwynnie Bee. Both dresses and the blouse were deliveries I have throughly enjoyed! I do think that the peplum dress is my favorite. I wish I had the extra money to purchase that one!

Since choosing the topic of marriage for this month, we have never struggled more. It saddens me sometimes when I think about how much we let life get in the way of our romance. I think this is true for all relationships, I only wish I had a way to repair it. All my years of research, books, movies, etc, have done me little good when I actually have to live it out. It reminds me that marriage is a two person job. Yes, marriage is a job. Its a choice and its work. Totally worth it, but still hard just the same. Love is a choice, and I plan to choose it for the rest of my life.

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