Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hourglass Romance

Making time for love has proven most difficult for my husband and I as of late. With children and schedules and stress, it seems that romance is the last thing on our mind. Many time we struggle to get good quality family time in with the kids. However, I know of another great blogger who discusses this issue (along with many others). Check out Engaged Marriage. He talks about dealing with busy lives, money, sex, and communication. I found him last year when my New Year's resolution was to make it the most romantic year of our life. I won't lie, I failed, but I learned so much!

What do you do to fit in romance in your own life? Do you have any tips for us (stressed out parents!)? Please feel free to share.

Yesterday was a very busy day with my family. We went to a local festival and a family birthday party. We missed naps, had on to run meals, and did a little bit of shopping. My kids had a good time, but both also had their moments of crying their eyes out. That's life, and I want to share it with you!

Saturday Fun

Shopping Finds!

Well we were out and about all day yesterday, I made several great purchases. Discounts abounded. Plus, you know how much I love to buy jewelry and accessories at festivals and craft shows!
 I got some great vintage and homemade costume jewelry at a museum gift shop. At $2 a piece I couldn't resist. On top is a bamboo bangle. I had to get it when it fit over my large hands. The large white pendant was so unique and fun or a vintage necklace. I also got the purple, homemade paper bead necklace to add to my purple collection. The other two necklaces (colorful and wood) are to help my wardrobe if I end up doing boho style this summer.
This fun little bad came from a booth that a boutique in my area called "She's International" had on display. I loved it instantly! I was going to buy it at its steal of a price of $20 but the long straps (hidden inside) were torn so I got it for a discounted price of $15! This lovely fish purse comes from Vietnam. I love to collect things from all over Asia so this was so ME!

Glam Bag

I mentioned a while back that I signed up for a subscription to the beauty product service called ipsy. This service allows you to get what they call a "Glam Bag" every month with 4-5 full size/travel size beauty products in it for $10. And as the name states, it comes in a free makeup bag. Believe me when I tell you, it is a steal. I received my first delivery and it was definitely worth it. I have some pictures to share it with you!

 The Glam Bag comes in a bright pink envelope! So fun! Not only does it it come with several great beauty products and a makeup bag, it also has coupons! So, if you love something you can get more! I wore the perfume and lipstick today. Wonderful products!

My Outfit

Thanks to Gwynnie Bee I had something fun and new to wear today! I also got a new necklace from my mother, so I'm pretty excited!
This Lucie Lu dress was one of those chances I took since I don't have to keep it. Although it is kind of rocker, I wasn't overly fond of the dress. Don't get me wrong, it was comfortable and fun. If I had the fun rocker jewelry to go with it, maybe I would have liked it more. What's your thoughts?

Looking Forward

I'm sure you have realized that my guest post for this week hasn't happened yet. Getting two busy bloggers who also work full time together has been challenging. I do hope to get it to you soon (hopefully next week). Be on the lookout!

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