Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recommended Reading

I borrowed a computer just because I missed posting so badly. I just couldnt live without it another day. Beyound that, we have  so much more to cover this month and only just a few days left! I figured since we are not on my computer and I dont have my personal picture, today would be a good day to discuss the books I really found useful, interesting, and worth my time in relation to marriage. Pardon the pun!

I believe I mentioned that I spent a whole year focusing on romance. During that time I created quite a notebook full of books, articles, ideas, etc. on marriage. Below are a few books I read during that time.

10,000 ways to say I love you by Gregory J. P. Godek. You will never be able to say you have no idea again!

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It really helps you to know what your partner needs to feel loved and what you need for that matter.

Your time-starved marriage by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott. Arn't we are starved for time? Life keeps us so busy we may miss the romance!

As Long As We Both Shall Live by Dr. Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham. There is some great relationship building things in this book.

I could probably go on for a long while with book ideas for you, but I think you would have a library card full already. If you have any other good reads on marriage please feel free to share with me by commenting below. I am always interested in learning more!

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