Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Church Invites Lead to Love

Like I promised, I shall tell you the story of how Andrew and I's friendship became more.

Bring yourself back to where I left off in American Literature 2...

Andrew and I sat together every class. However, it occurred to me that things would never progress if I left it up to him. About midway through the semester, I took a risk. Casually I invited Andrew to come to church with me. He thought for a moment and then ended the topic with a simple,"I will let you know". I figured my attempt had failed and went on as normal. To my surprise, next time I saw Andrew he gave me an enthusiastic "yes". I was excited as I give him the information and creatively found a way to give him my number.

Sunday came and Andrew showed up nervously at my church. I was excited about this sneaky opportunity to spend time with him. .However, Andrew didn't share the same excitement. Let me explain, Andrew was not a church going boy at this time and I went to what some would call a "Holy Roller" church. I'm surprised we ever made it past this first outing together, much less to a first date! After church I invited him to lunch with my family and I. I don't know if it was the nerve rattling service or the fact he would be meeting my parents before we ever had a our first date that scared him, but he declined. I was disappointed and thought it was over at this point.

Yet, next time we saw each other in class I could tell things were different, in a good way. We took a walk because of class cancellations and discussed having dinner. Time quickly slipped away and we exchanged IM usernames to make plans later. I was leaving nothing to chance this time. When we spoke that evening, I went beyond hinting. "Im free Thursday and Friday after six," was one of the first things I said. Thankfully he took the bait and our first date was planned!

I have to give Andrew credit, he did the first date right. He arrived perfectly on time with flowers, he was dressed attractively, and he opened and held the door at every opportunity. He was making it so easy to fall head over heals. Its no secret now that I determined early on (before the 3rd or 4th date), that I was going to marry this man.

6 Wallet Friendly Date Ideas

Below is a list of budget friendly date ideas that Andrew and I are hoping to attempt this month. We want to make sure the dates we suggest are marriage approved! At this point, every date we plan has to be practically free. There is no wiggle room for us right now. So, please enjoy these ideas and feel free to add more if you are able!
  1. A picnic in the park: Pack some cheese, crackers, and fruit, enjoy!
  2. A trip down memory lane: Visit locations that you went to before you had children. The riverside to make-out, the park to walk and talk, the parking lot to dance, etc.
  3. Take a swing: (Find a location with a swing- front porch, playground, etc) Have a conversation and ask questions to get to know one another again.
  4. Board game night: Pick your favorite board game and play it together, behind closed doors. Make it risqué if you want to be adventurous!
  5. Romantic Scavenger hunt: one spouse writes clues describing something about themselves and the spouse has to get it right. (Example: What's my favorite pair of socks?)
  6. Just stay home: Lose the kids, cuddle up and have yourselves a glass of wine. Talk, share stories, and build intimacy.
Afterthoughts: My Outfit

I've begun to enjoy sharing my fashion with you all. I hope you don't mind if I continue to share when its worth a look. At some point this month we will be discussing man approved curvy lingerie! That will be some fun fashion! Don't worry, I wont be posting pictures of me that day!

I just loved the detail on the back of this shell.

The blouse is the only new (to you) garment I have on. I got it on clearance at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago for about $3. I couldn't pass up the chance to get a great basic for that price! The earrings are also new, I got them on clearance at Target for under $3 as well. Low income requires creative shopping!

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