Monday, May 6, 2013

Take Two

Here's from the fun following up from my last post. Afterward I will continue on with Andrew and I's "love story".

Get To Know Me Again

Like always, the blue is Andrew's responses. The purple are mine. Remember, these were questions we asked before marriage and now again after.

What's your favorite Movie?
Before: Ever After, My Best Friend's Wedding
Now: Hotel Transylvania (Oh the joys of having children)
Before: Indiana Jones
Now: Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows

Whats your favorite TV show?
Before: The Starter Wife
Now: Doctor Who
Before: How I met Your mother
Now: Doctor Who (Can you tell where we spend our couple time?)

Who's your favorite musician?
Before: Chris Rice
Now: Unknown
Before: John Mayer
Now: Gavin Degraw

What's you biggest fanasty?
Before: Dominant male partner
Now: A full night's sleep
Before: Nurses.
Now: Teacher/student.

(The famous) Where do you wanna go?
Before: O' Charley's
Now: I just want to have a little time alone with you (Andrew)... Don't really care where.
Before: O' Charley's, Mall
Now: Home.

What are your expectations in marriage?
Before: I thought I was going to be 5o's wife like, with a clean house and a happy satisfied husband. I wanted to be taken care of, slightly spoiled.
Now: Equal carrying of the weight of life stresses.
Before: I wanted a house, with a yard and a nice comfy bed. I wanted us to be happy all the time with no bills and no worries. (Uh, no wonder you were in for a shock.)
Now: I would like to at least have our own place and more time with you (Amanda), less time worrying about bills.

Take Two

As I mentioned on my last post, Andrew asked me to marry him with a family ring. The ring was not known to be worth much, nor was it even considered to be anything more than antique costume jewelry. Still, I loved it and would have been happy to this day with it. However, Andrew had already had plans in the works. The reason for asking me with the family ring was because the ring he was having made for me was not yet complete. That same Christmas while I was on break, he did the proposal again. This time he did it up right. Dinner, dancing, gardens, a gazebo, memories... it was beautiful. Of course I said yes again.
My original family ring.

The day he asked me the second time. I currently find an old picture of that ring. I would take one now, but its so dirty that I am embarrassed.

Looking Forward

A little more of the story unfolds every post! I wish I had my computer instead of my husband's, I'd have so many more pictures to share. Wait until you hear how long we were engaged! If I can convince my husband to get his storage, I'll post some soon.  I finally got a more clothes from Gwynnie Bee to show off!

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